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How to get maximum buy-in for your office move?

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Moving to a new office would be the most thrilling experience for you, and why wouldn’t it be, your new office is better than your current one, it is more technologically advanced and is in a better location. But not everyone embraces a change. Since your business has scaled, and require a voluminous office space, you must get everyone on board to adopt the change.

Manually approaching everyone and trying to persuade them is a thing of past. Instead, you can adopt effective and reliable strategies to get people to correspond with you and be equally thrilled.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the gems.

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  • Discuss the problem

You’re moving to a new office because the current one is inadequate, less technologically advanced, and not creative enough and more. Since there exist a myriad of problems with the current office, prepare a sound pitch and orate it before everyone in your office. When everyone learns about the problem, they’ll support you in your decision and chances are they’ll try to suggest quality suggestions about the move-out.

When there’s a problem, by default, people get instigated to solve it, and this is why discussing it solves your problem as well.

  • Include everyone

Generally, when you’re moving to a new office, the decision is always top to bottom. But approaching the problem with reverse psychology can be quite helpful here.


Firstly, you need a maximum number of people to correspond with you and the best approach to get this executed would be to ask the employees first as they’ll agree with you without you moving a muscle. So, go for it.

Next, scale up to the C-Suite, once you have all the employees backing-up your cause, you can persuade the higher officials. And when they see everyone else agrees, there is a 95% chance they’ll agree with you.

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  • Portray the destination

Portraying the destination works every time. Let me demonstrate this with an illustration. When you started your journey, weren’t you fascinated by the end-goal? You somehow wanted to be there and make things happen. Irrespective of the difficulty, you wanted the prize. Likewise, when you show them how your new office would look, then they’ll forget about the tedious task involved in moving to a new place, and focus on being there.

Use this psychological strategy to persuade people to shift to a new office. There’s a 90% chance that they’ll agree with you.

Final thoughts

Manually trying to persuade people to agree with you can quite daunting, and the probability of them getting persuaded is quite low. So, when you approach the problem where there’s the active involvement of people, then the outcome will be in your favor. So, go ahead and bring these strategies in practice whenever you’re trying to persuade people for anything.

Also, do let us know how you will persuade your team to move to a new office space in the comment section below.



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