Reimagining the workspace after COVID-19

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Until last year who would have thought working from home would be as normal as working from the office. But China’s notable contribution to the world transformed our ways of working and made this a new normal. With many companies still operating with work from home norm and others have gathered up the courage to call their employees to the office and recommence the work, there still lies a question of how will the offices look after COVID-19 or lock down?

Until the vaccine is readily accessible to people, we can’t say anything about the development of the vaccine. Sadly this also means something more, and that is the work must go on, and people will have to commute to work risking their lives and abide by the social-distancing mandate even in the office.

It is now the leader’s responsibility to offer a reimagined workspace to their employees that safeguards them and also boosts their productivity to cope with the loss because permanently working from home might not be a realistic solution to every business.

Re imagining the workspace isn’t that of an unimaginable task, all you must do is observe the layout of your office space and think how you can customize it to offer a social-distancing seating arrangement to your employees. Of course, this will also include rethinking the contribution of a few of your employees in the office (by no means this mean laying of your talented employees).

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to re imagining your workspace.

Think of transforming the arrangement of your office

The most obvious method to safeguard your employees would be enabling them to convene in a social distancing seating arrangement. You can convene your employees back-to-back rather than face-to-face. This significantly lowers the risk of people interacting with each other’s body germs.

Note that this is only achievable if you have cubicles but if you have a share desk type of seating arrangement then installing transparent screens between each desk can be a great defense in safeguarding your employees.

But what about the cooler room? That’s generally a congested place as people keep their lunch or rewarm their food. This you can control by restricting the number of people there at any instance.

The idea is to keep your employees safe at a distance, look around your office space and see what you can do to achieve this.

Rethink about the contribution of a few of your employees

Think if there’s a set of employees that you can empower them to work from home. If there’re are a set of employees, then do it. Equip them with the tech and gadgets to encourage them to work from home. This diminishes the number of employees present in your office space at any instance.

Curate a time table for your employees in ways that promote social-distancing in office and boosts productivity. Group people in teams and summon them to the office on certain days and the remaining days direct them to operate from their home.

Make your office tech-savvy

Automating your office with motion-sensing lights, A/Cs, doors and washrooms is genuinely a smart approach towards solving this problem. Lesser the objects people touch, lesser will be the germs in the vicinity. Investing a little bit into the tech can save many lives.

Install automatic hand-sanitizer dispensers as well.

Investing in a nobler office space 

All the preceding steps were for the leaders who’ve already leased office space, but if you’re about to lease an office space now, then, I would suggest whatever your required office space size is, go for a 20-25% larger office space as this will account for the social-distancing mandate.

So, with the preceding steps, it should be fairly easy to fight the novel coronavirus and recommence to work. Tell us in the comment section if you have any other suggestion about how to make office COVID proof.


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