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Greening the Workspace with Eco-friendly Office Cleaning

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Ignoring mother earth and ripping it off has been the way of doing business for the majority of companies over the past. We can say this because the majority of pollutants discharged into the atmosphere and water was the contribution of enterprises. Strict pollution laws did aid in changing the scenario but to a certain extent. And now we’re at a stage where we all should collaborate and try to reverse the adverse effect.

Accounting to the issue, we’ve started to incorporate measures that aid in reversing the adverse effect and creating a greener environment. Also, decreasing the water and paper usage.

Let me tell you how we’re doing it.

We’ve incorporated three methods to green the earth.

  • Monitoring electricity and water consumption
  • Harvesting the rainwater
  • Switching to organic cleaning materials

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Monitoring electricity and water consumption

When you’re a real estate company, it gets mandatory for you to contribute to a greener planet because you’re directly dealing with soil (earth) by constructing developments on it.

To make the planet greener, we’ve reduced our water consumption by 30% just by incorporating construction techniques that require less water.

We’ve also monitored our electricity construction by not constructing during nights. Floodlights are the only source of vision during the night, and each light consumes 1.2kWh for just 10 hours of usage. So, we’ve restricted the construction time to only day time. With this small change, we’ve significantly reduced the consumption of electricity.

Not only this, but we’ve also switched to smart lights and thermostat that automatically adjusts the power consumption and turns off when not in use. By saving electricity, we’re also contributing to reducing water usage by another 10% as it requires water to get generated.

We’ve also reduced our daily water usage in our complexes, but due to COVID we’re using more water as frequently cleaning is mandatory right now.

Another cool thing that we’ve incorporated is we water our campus plants with wastewater that’s collected in the pantry. It has nitrogen which is loved by plants.

We also plan to switch to solar energy in the future.

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Harvesting rainwater

Our decision to harvest rainwater makes us feel proud to even this day. Ever since we started it, we’re a little less reliant on the government for our daily water needs. Also by harvesting, we’re recharging the groundwater which will be great for the future.

In each of our campus, we’ve installed the harvesting system, which adds to 30% of our yearly water need. Now when you lease office space in any of our campus, you can proudly say that you’re contributing to a greener planet. We do the heavy lifting for you.

We’ve installed the most sophisticated harvesting system that helps us save maximum water. It also aids in reducing our operational costs by a significant figure.

Switching to organic cleaning materials

We’ve replaced chemical enriched cleaning materials with the organic ones. By doing so, we’re making the earth’s atmosphere chemical-free. These chemicals stay in the atmosphere and contribute to increasing the count of harmful gases.

The organic products work great in killing the microorganisms and leaves a pleasant smell behind. The water used to manufacture these products is also less, meaning just by using these products, we’re diminishing the overall water usage.

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By incorporating the above methods, we sure have contributed to a greener planet, and we’re trying hard to go green by 100%. When you work in such an environment, you feel good about yourself that you’re making the planet a better place. It is not only about just feeling good, but also about protecting the earth by saying “bye-bye” to global warming. Whatever happened has already happened, and instead of the blame game, if we all try to reverse the effect, we can make it happen.

So, let’s make our mother earth feel good.


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