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How women are transforming the workspace?

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There’s no doubt that women are great leaders than men. Though norms have made us think vice-versa is true, but it isn’t. This pandemic is the living proof of the above-stated statement. China is governed by a male person, and the entire world has COVID-19. Whereas, New Zealand is governed by a female person, and it is free from corona virus for a month.

But what makes women such great leaders that they’re able to achieve such great feats without dropping a sweat? Let’s find that out and see how they’re transforming workplaces.

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Traits of great women leaders

  • Understanding:To speak is human, but to listen, understand, and then speak is divine. It’s a fact that the one who acts after listening and understanding is correct 9 out of 10 times. It is because when you listen, your brain enables you to distinguish between right and wrong. So, all this while women have stayed quiet, listened to others, and then acted wisely. You will always find this quality in all great leaders irrespective of their gender, though women tend to do this more.
  • Visualization: It is another great quality seen in great women leaders. They visualize the problem, the solution, the path to success, the upcoming problems, the trends, and the market. It helps you understand how your product or service would perform in the market. All great female leaders visualize before they’re launching any product in the market.
  • Persuasive: What good is an idea when you can’t persuade your team to execute it? At times we’re not able to see the potential in an idea that the other person sees. So, in such times, when we doubt any idea, female leaders use their persuasive skills to bring the entire team working on that particular idea.
  • Mentoring: Of-course, how can you be a great leader when you can’t teach or guide your fellow teammates? Mentoring is one of the great traits that you’ll find in female leaders. They learn, and then they teach, thus resulting in greater outcomes.
  • Bold: You have to be bold enough to execute greater projects in the world. More than bold, you have to believe in your ideas and act in the goodwill of everyone. Also, when you’re wrong, you have to be bold enough to correct yourself and find better solutions. And nobody can do this better than a great female leader.

So, these are some of the traits observed in great female leaders. They believe in themselves and always act in the goodwill of others. When leaders with such great traits start a business or are present in the executive positions, the business has to see some serious series of the increased sales chart year on year.

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Final thoughts

The above-mentioned traits are only a handful. Though great female leaders have numberless traits that enable them to transform any workplace. Their ability to see through difficult times makes them the best. Of course, even they go wrong, but a lot less than men. But an office space that has a balance of both men and women tend to have the best success rate.


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