Pros & Cons of Flexible Offices.

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Pros & Cons of Flexible Offices in Hyderabad

Flexible offices in Hyderabad or anywhere across the globe have been solving problems for many businesses, and post this pandemic, the demand for flexible offices will only skyrocket. So, on this account, let’s look at the pros & cons of flexible offices in Hyderabad.

Flexible Offices in Hyderabad

  • Serviced Offices
  • Managed Offices
  • Leased Offices
  • Virtual Offices
  • Co-working Centers

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of each office type.

Pros-n-Cons of Serviced Offices

Serviced offices are offices that are managed by a real estate developer or a real estate development/management company. You pay monthly rent, and it could be fixed or varied depending on the lease you choose.


  • No need to get involved in building maintenance and repair
  • As there’s no involvement in building maintenance and repair work, you can focus better on your business
  • Any repair or addon or subtraction in the office elements happens instantly as the office is managed by the landlord
  • Low rental charges
  • All the amenities, facilities, and technology are present
  • Liberty to choose your desired lease
  • Liberty to choose lease duration
  • Freedom to choose your office layout
  • Readily available across the globe


  • You cannot have endless customizations in office space

Pros-n-Cons of Managed Offices

A managed office is tailored to your organization’s needs with endless customizations but is managed by a real estate developer or a real estate developing/management company. You must pay a monthly rent to access a managed office. Depending on the lease you choose, the rent may vary.


  • Depending on your lease, you can participate in building maintenance or stay away from it
  • You can have endless customizations in your managed office space
  • Your customizations get you engaged in your office, which results in better outputs
  • You get to focus on your work as someone else taking care of office management for you
  • You get to enjoy low rent
  • All the amenities, facilities, and technology are present
  • Liberty to choose your desired lease
  • Liberty to choose lease duration
  • Readily available across the globe


  • Because the office is tailored to your organization, you will have to pay higher rent when compared to a serviced office.


Pros-n-Cons of Leased Offices

Leased offices are generally bare shell offices that you can either lease from a landlord or a tenant that is already operating in that space. Herein, you must arrange your furniture and every other thing you need in the space. When you lease a leased office from a landlord, you’re typically signing the lease for 5-10 years. But when you sublease the space from the existing tenant, the lease term may vary.


  • Monthly rental is very low when compared to serviced and managed offices
  • You can find them in large sizes
  • You get to have endless customizations at low prices
  • You get to break your lease as and when discussed with the landlord
  • Inexpensive to manage after the one-time interior setup
  • You get to have better control of your office culture
  • You can have everything custom to your organization
  • Best to reflect the brand image


  • Typically large lease duration
  • Initial interior set-up is costly

Pros-n-Cons of Virtual Offices

If you’re seeking to have your business registered in some other location but want to operate from another, in that case, a virtual office can solve your problem. Or when you’ve just started your business and don’t require seats and chairs but still do require a professional business address, then a virtual office is your go-to. You get services like mail handling, meeting room access, and more.


  • Low monthly rental
  • Mail and call management facility
  • Client hospitality services available
  • Access to meeting rooms and conference rooms
  • You can have the address for as long as you want to
  • Once your business grows, you can lease your office space from the same landlord
  • You get storage space
  • Available across the globe
  • Professional address builds your reputation from day 1


  • You cannot have an office culture

Pros-n-Cons of Offices in Co-working Centers

Office spaces in co-working centers are diversified into seats for one person, teams of 5 or 10 or multiples of 5, meeting rooms, & private offices. All of these offices cater to different team sizes.

List of workstation setups

  • Hot Desks – Ideal for one person
  • Dedicated Desks – Ideal for small and medium-size teams
  • Virtual Office – Ideal for nascent entrepreneurs
  • Meeting Rooms – Used by all
  • Private Offices – Ideal for large teams


  • Low monthly rent
  • Infinitely many collaboration opportunities for everyone
  • Access to industry events
  • Access to networking events
  • Access to learnings & motivation
  • Access to facilities and amenities
  • Access to a community
  • Flexible leasing options
  • Lease space for as low as 3 months


  • The lit environment of a co-working center makes the environment noisy
  • Little to no customization options available

Final Thoughts

Researching well about flexible offices before signing the lease will only fetch you a good deal. Especially post-pandemic, most companies are moving towards flexible offices. Leverage this office type as much as you can because it’s a safe way to reduce operational costs.

To learn more about flexible leasing, then check out our Ultimate Flexible Office Leasing Guide here.

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