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Questions to ask when leasing an office space

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So, the most anticipated time of your life has come. Your start-up has turned into a grown-up. Now, you’re ready to get some chairs & employees on the floor and make your name in the market. You’ve seen the ads on Google & other online channels, and have visited a couple of office spaces. After much scrutiny, you’ve scrutinized an office space and is ready to sign the leasing papers, but before you go all gung-ho on signing the leasing papers, you’re supposed to ask a few important questions to the lessor.

In this post, we will look at questions to ask when leasing an office space, and see why they’re extremely crucial for you before you sign the fine print.

Question to ask while leasing office space about “Budget and Fees”

Even before you see an ad or visit the place, you have a budget in your head, and you’re in no way going to go north of it. So, it’s crucial that you talk about the pricing and other fees first, and then move to other important things like amenities and flexibility. This way you’re saving your and the lessor’s time.

Q1. What does the rent include?

You don’t want to be in a smog where you’re thinking the surcharges are included in the rent, only to find out it doesn’t. Ask the lessor clearly what is included and what is not. Many lessors bear maintenance and electricity charges, but many don’t. So, you want to be very clear on these terms.

Q2. Who bears the repairs, maintenance and up-gradation of the space?

Generally, if you break something, then you’re solely responsible for it, but if in case the entire building is undergoing any renovation, then it is the lessor’s responsibility. Moreover, it will be mention in the clause, but to be on the safer edge, you might want to clear it.

Q3. Will the rent be constant, or will it be increased?

Since every lessor operates on their terms, you want to clear the air about this as what sounds symphony now may not even sound melodious when out of the blue you have to deal with increased rent. So, clear things before-hand.

“Amenities and perks”

Now that you’ve cleared pricing and made up your mind. You can now start asking questions about the facilities and amenities.

Q4. What facilities and amenities do you get?

Since not every lessor is generous enough to give you freedom from electricity and maintenance bill. Some even charge you for things like tea and coffee. You want to have a clear understanding of what facilities are chargeable and what is given for free.

Q5. Is the parking space available or not?

Some lessors do not offer parking space, and some are generous enough to offer free two-wheeler parking. If you’re not given parking space, then it’s a hassle for you and your employees. In cities finding a parking space can be like moving a mountain. So, you need to find a lessor who provides you with a parking space. Then you can ask whether it’s chargeable or not.

Q6. Ask for the layout of the floor

If you’re taking the place by square feet rather than by the number of seats then you might want to get the floor plan as two areas can be exactly same by square feet but different in layout. So, you want to have a clear picture in hand.

“Agility and scalability”

When your business grows, and you’re ready to pool in more employees, then you certainly need a larger floor area.

Q7. What about scalability and flexibility?

Many lessors will not offer you scalability and flexibility. You want to lease with a lessor who lets you scale your office once your business has grown. Look for such good lessor.

Q8. You must ask about the lease tenure

By default, many lessors will put you on the longest tenure to safeguard their business even though there’s a smaller tenure available. So, you want to know the leasing options at your disposal.

Q9. You must ask about subleasing terms

Say for some reason you want to move to a different place, or want to end the lease term in the middle of your tenure, then you must know what is supposed to be done by you. Are you supposed to find your replacement or you must pay a small fine? Get a clear answer from the lessor about this.

So, with the answers to these questions, you’re all set to sign the leasing papers and make your dreams come true. Happy leasing

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