social distancing in the office

Social Distancing in Office Space

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With the COVID-19 cases surging every day, it has become growingly essential to enforce strict social distancing norms in the office space. With advanced disinfecting protocols deployed by us to keep your office virus-free, you still have to implement social distancing during the work hours.

Some of the necessary measures that you can marshal to keep everyone safe are:

  • Use signage to remind people to wash and sanitize their hands multiple times a day.
  • Place a foot-paddle hand-sanitizer dispenser right outside to the office to encourage employees and clients to sanitize their hands.
  • Regulate temperature screening of everyone entering the premise, and refrain any sick person from entering.
  • Equip your office with copious hand washes, hand sanitizers, tissues, gloves, masks and other protective essentials to keep everyone safe.
  • Use dustbins with lids to keep the air clean from micro-organisms.
  • Avoid people from accumulating in common areas such as bathrooms, breakouts and pantry space.
  • If possible, hire someone to distribute refreshments to office employees as this will reduce the number of people accumulating in pantry space.
  • Restrict the movement of employees in meeting rooms and conference rooms.
  • Try to have shorter meetings and use communication apps to chat in the office.
  • Induct transparent temporary walls in between the desks to provide extensive safety to employees and ameliorate social distancing.
  • Encourage employees to wear 3 Ply face masks during work hours. 3 Ply face masks are breathable and sieve up to 95% of micro-organisms.
  • People should avoid talking in person, and even if they do, they must limit their conversations to 15 minutes. Also, any in-person conversation must on-go wearing a mask.
  • The cleaning staff must disinfect desks, computers, computer accessories, files and phone modules before the start of the day and at the end.
  • Door handles, doorknobs, bathrooms, meeting rooms and other frequently used surfaces must be disinfected multiple times a day.
  • Employees must be encouraged to use virtual documents and digital signature, wherever possible. This drastically reduces the touch points.
  • Employees must be encouraged to bring their food until the pandemic’s curve starts to flatten.
  • The managers and supervisors must be well aware of the COVID-19 symptoms to distinguish the victim who falls sick during office hours.

The return of employees to the office will undoubtedly hinder social distancing to a great degree. Imperative measures must be bought into practice to achieve social distancing even during office hours.

The most realistic and efficient approach to this would be:

  • You must divide your team into groups and call them in various shifts to reduce the number of people present in the office at any instance.
  • This way, you can achieve the 2-meter social distancing mandate and keep everyone safe.

To keep everyone safe in your office, you must bring the above points into strict practice. A little leniency can put lives at risk. Since we do not want that, we must take immediate actions. Let us know below in the comment section, how are you enforcing social distancing in your office?



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